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24th June 2024 


My approach to supervision is what I would call ‘supervisee-centred’ rather than ‘client-centred’. Although we may well spend a lot of time talking about clients, our primary focus is on helping support the therapist/counsellor in their further development as a practitioner. Therefore, the supervision needs to always be focussed on what it is that the supervisee needs in the session to help them with this development.

In this sense, my approach is different to more traditional approaches to supervision in which the supervisor is in some way ‘overseeing’ the work that the supervisee is engaged in with the client. Rather than ‘overseeing’ their work, I hope that supervisees experience me as working alongside them – working jointly with them to look at how they can improve and develop their work with clients.

I have a longstanding research interest in psychotherapists’ struggles with being congruent and truthful in their work with clients, and how these struggles can lead to therapeutic impasses and to ruptures. Some supervisees come to me for ad hoc consultations rather than regular supervision to help them in these areas.

I have a Diploma in Clinical Supervision from the Metanoia Institute.

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